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Halwinryston Solar  

DOB: 18-09-2017
Deceased: -
RegNo: -
Color: lever wit
Country of origin: -
Owner : Clyde Valley
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 2%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 90.3%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 56)
Halwinryston+Solar Halwinryston+Solar Halwinryston+Solar
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
FTCH Flaxdale Jamie
Flaxdale Jamie
Int FTCH Helmsway Hawk of Witchwillows
Helmsway Hawk of Witchwillows
FTCH Steadroc Sker 2001 British Championship Winner
FTCH Clarburgh Art
FTCH Kenine Robb Of Rytex
FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin 1995 British Championship Winner
OFTW Chilview Ann Of Steadroc
FTCH Jenoren Boss
FTW Dans Beau of Chilview
Int FTCH Craighaar Charisma Irish Championship Winner 2004 British Championship 2nd 2005
FTCH Kettlestang Comet
FTCH Trebornil Tact
FTW Maesydderwen Magic
FTCH Moonreed Amy 1996 British Championship Winner
FTCH Kenine Robb Of Rytex
FTCH Tawnyhill Amy
FTW Flaxdale Fizz
FTW Anahoe Lyric
FTCH Millshadow Aster 1999 Irish Championship Winner
FTCH Kenine Robb Of Rytex
FTCH Philips Girl 1998 British Championship Winner
Rytex Relly
FTCH Kettlestang Comet
FTCH Clarburgh Amy
FTW Misty Rosa
DK FTCh Drumagrove Bruce
FTW Helots Predator
IR FTCH - FTW Barmag Bradie
Paris Babe
Killylin Tweed
Fair Jen
FTW Edwardiana Jumping Jazz of Halwinryston
INT FTCH Hollydrive Kurt
Hollydrive Kurt
OFTAW Blueberry Sherbert of Commonshall
FTCH Edgegrove Entitle
OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove
FTCH Ravensgrove Jessie of Edgegrove
FTW Catleylane Visage Lass
FTCH Cheweky Wolf
FTW Catleylane Mia
FTCh Poppet Rocket
FTCH Bramble Taff
FTCH Laganmill Malvern
FTW Beanhill Tithrington
FT CH Laganmill Tern
FTW Robinsmoor Frolic
Wyndhill Ripple of Laganmill
FTW Edwardiana Brandy
FTCH Edwardiana Rob
FTCH Knockmany Jumbo
FTCH Trawsgoed Lad of Caldyview
FTW Swallowlaw Misty
FTCH Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper
FTCH Kettlestang Clipper
FTCH Bellbrook Bright
FTCH Edwardiana Tawny
FTCH Clarburgh Art
FTCH Kenine Robb Of Rytex
FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin 1995 British Championship Winner
FTCH Toonarmy Torrent
IR FTCh Simonside Teasel in Toonarmy
FTW Megstone Slip
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Flaxdale Jamie):
With: FTW Snowdell Starlight Of Rushymoor
Rushymoor Rascal
FTW Rushymoor Rubadub
With: FTW/OFTAW Edwardiana Busy Bee
FTCH Kilhopemoss Minder
With: Helmsway Helga
FTW/OFTAW Helmsway Halfcrown
With: FTCH Dawsonlee Bracken
Kirstzo Delight
With: FTCH Wyndhill Shona Of Sliabh
With: FTW Syncerus Sinead
FTAW Dakotagun Jacala
With: FTW Quarrymoor Wagtail
Chanooga Chance
With: OFTW OFTAW Bramble lane brook
Prim of kinculbrack
From same dam (Edwardiana Jumping Jazz of Halwinryston):
no data